GRID 7.0 Viewfinder

The GRID Viewfinder is completely handmade in Brazil with premium quality Brazilian leather, ABS super strong plastic, what makes it very resistant, and a special velvet finish rubber for the eyepiece, what makes it comfortable to use during ours of shoot, and also is very durable because does not depolymerizes overtime with contact of sweat and sunlight.

The new GRID Viewfinder is the Loupe that you need to transform any 7-inch monitor in an electronic viewfinder with the advantages of having a high-resolution LCD.

It can be easily attached and detached to the camera/monitor with the magnetic frame, that utilizes super strong magnets to hold the viewfinder into place.

GRID Viewfinder can be used with the cameras: RED EPIC, RED Scarlet, Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera Blackmagic Design and Production Camera, and also with monitor/recorders such as ATOMOS Ninja 2 and others.

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GRID Viewfinder 7.0




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